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Personal Failures: This is How to Handle Them

Personal Failures

How personal failures can silently lead to ultimate failure

Let’s assume that someone is very smart, creative and ambitious. But he’s as lazy as an old panda. He’s not disciplined at all and he’s a master procrastinator.

This person can’t set down for 1 consistent hour to study or learn something new. He always finds another (less important!) thing to do.

Let’s assumes that this person is a student and that he has an important exam that he needs to study hard for. Here’s how he’ll spend his time:

He’ll spend 30 minutes in the bathroom, another 30 minutes making breakfast, an hour eating this breakfast. He’ll study for 30 minutes then open a video game and spend the rest of the day playing.

At the night, he finally decides that it’s time to study. He opens the book for 15 minutes but closes it because he doesn’t feel like studying. He decides to alter his mood by using one of his “guilty pleasures” (aka bad habits: Facebook, T.V, watching porn, drinking, or even drugs).

Now, let’s face it, this person will never pass his exam as long as he’s acting in this irresponsible way.

I don’t care how smart he is, lack of discipline and screwing yourself up will lead you to failure regardless of your skills or talents.

(Note: we’re all this person sometimes, at least at one point in our lives we acted in such a self-destructive way, or we’re still acting this way from time to time, so don’t judge!).

This kind of attitude will result in ultimate failure, and in most cases we’re not even aware that we’re heading right into failure, we think that we’re too epic to fail because of our smartness or something like that.

Not grasping the fact that those little things that we do to screw up ourselves are really serious and they’re going to ensure we get nowhere in life.

I’m not pointing fingers. In fact, I’m struggling with personal failures myself. I’m just trying to acknowledge my own personal failures and do my very best to turn them around.

I’m just trying to correct my mistakes and become better.

How to deal with such situations

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t label yourself and don’t hate yourself for it.

Those personal failures can be inevitable, because of our human nature we can’t be 100% all the time.

Look, as we discussed above, those personal failures are going to screw you up overtime. But the fact of the matter is that it’s almost impossible to always avoid them. We’re only humans and mistakes are part of our nature.

I’m not telling you that it’s OK to screw up, all I’m telling you that it’s not OK to destroy yourself when you screw up.

While you should do your very best to avoid personal failures, you should also learn how to deal with them when you feel weak and do a poor job or make a mistake.

And that’s what we want to discuss in the rest of this article. Not to justify the mistakes, but to not allow those mistakes to destroy us.

All you have to do is to acknowledge those mistakes, learn your lesson and pick yourself up again.

Sounds too simple to be true? OK, listen…

As long as you have the desire to change and become better, you’re good! Someone can have the best intentions in the world but yet make a horrible mistake, because he’s just a human. However, he’s going to learn his lesson and get back fighting to get where he wants to be. That’s the difference between winners and losers (at least one of the differences).

It’s all about the vision. It’s all about the desire and it’s all about the fact that you do want to become better.

Mistakes, in this case, are not going to destroy you. Yes you might feel really bad and guilty, but you’ll pick up yourself up again and keep fighting.

Those mistakes don’t necessary make you inferior or weaker than anybody else. We’re only humans and we have our rights and wrongs, ups and downs.

Even the most successful and disciplined people make mistakes. Even the most confident people feel insecure sometimes. Nobody is perfect. Mistakes are part of the human nature.

The only difference is that those people have the vision and the desire to be better, and they understand that the process, because we’re humans, is not going to be in one direction straight forward, but it’s going to be a combination of ups and downs.

Thy do feel bad when they make a mistake. They feel guilty. But they don’t allow the mistake to destroy them. They use the mistake to their advantage by getting up stronger than before.

Mistakes are part of our nature, we sometimes need them in order to reach our destination.

Sometimes you need to go down in order to find something there. Sometimes you feel insecure to understand yourself on a deeper level and sometimes you make a mistake to correct it in a way that impacts your entire life positively.

If we don’t make mistakes, we’re no longer humans.

However, I’m not telling you to go out there and make mistakes as much as you want. I’m not telling you to go and do bad thing and poor job. What I’m telling you is: when you feel weak and make a mistake, don’t allow this mistake to destroy you.

Because here’s the thing, mistakes have the power to destroy you. However, they also have the power to build you up stronger and better. It depends on your attitude towards them.

The attitude towards the mistakes and the personal failures

We can now conclude that there’s an attitude that you must have towards mistakes and personal failures.

The whole article talks about this attitude, but let’s put things together and sum it up in just few words or sentences.

Personal failures or mistakes are bad, because they damage your progress and usually hurt you in a way or another. That’s a fact that we all know.

The other fact that most people seem to ignore is that we’re only humans and sometimes we’re going to feel weak and make mistakes. Sometimes we’re going to reach our biggest personal failure in just a matter of a second!

But …

As long as you have a vision that guides you, and as long as you have the desire to improve, you can get over your mistakes and personal failures.

By realizing that you’re just a human being, you make mistakes, you’re not perfect and you have down times. And also by picking yourself up as soon as you can, learning your lesson, and moving forward while knowing that this mistake can’t destroy you because you’re responding to it in the right way.

That’s what I’m talking about, this is an impressive attitude.

Don’t justify personal failures

Last but not least, use this article the right way.

I don’t want you to justify your mistakes. I don’t want you to get too easy on yourself.


Mistake is a mistake, it’s a bad thing. Justifying your mistakes is a fatal mistake its self.

Procrastination is a bad thing, lack of discipline is a bad thing, [Insert one of your bad habits here] is a bad thing.

Do your best, your very damn best, to stop your personal failures. Don’t just say that you’re a human being and you make mistakes.

Become more discipline, face yourself, start working on breaking that sick habit right away. That’s part of the right attitude towards mistakes and personal failures.

Justifying your mistakes can lead to many issues, such as violating your values (or even destroying them), having double standard, lying to yourself, never being able to correct that mistake, and many serious problems.

Yes you’ve done something that is not good, don’t justify it. Instead, work on a solution right away and do your best to ensure this specific “personal failure” won’t show up in your life again.

That could mean becoming more disciplined, that could mean breaking a bad habit, that could mean changing some limiting beliefs or behaviors. But whatever it means, do it!


Don’t give up on yourself, Don’t lose hope because you’ve made a mistake. We’re only humans and we’ll make mistakes because we’re not perfect.

As long as you have the vision and the desire, you’re good. You know that personal failure/mistakes are bad, but you also know that they won’t destroy you because you have driving force inside of you that guiding you to reach where you want to go.

Last but not least, work hard on fixing those mistakes and avoiding those personal failures. Don’t justify them saying that you’re only a human being. Do your best to break free.

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