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Pain and Fear are The Biggest Liars

Let me introduce you to the biggest con-artists in the entire history.

Those con-artists deceived millions of people and destroyed the life of thousands of millions.

They are really good liars. They don’t even blink an eye when they tell a lie. Heck, they can even sell cats to mice and feel no remorse when they do that.

Very smart, very sneaky, very subtle, very tricky and very dangerous. Those are just a few words to describe them.

And they have a whole army of dedicated, and ruthless, assassins who will help them reach their goal, which is destroying your life in case you’re wondering.

When they know that you’ve read this article, they’re going to rebel.

They’re going to tell you that this writer is crazy and he’s just exaggerating. They’ll tell you that they can’t be that dangerous, and they’ll point fingers and place blame to stay undetected.

Don’t ever listen to them, I’ve warned you.

They’re the real enemies. They’re the enemies that you should spend your precious time fighting.

Curious to know who these criminals are? That’s what I’m going to show you in this article, plus how to really start facing and fighting these 2 liars and save your life back.

Pain and Fear Are Liars!

Those 2 professionals con-artists are fear and pain.

And I just can’t stress this hard enough, they’re very good liars. They tell you anything but the truth.

Each one of them has many lies, but they have 2 famous lies that they tell (And almost all of their lies are based on these 2).

Here’re the 2 lies:

Pain tells you that it’s here to stay, and fear tells you that it’s not worth it.

That’s it!

And when you believe them, they’ll hold you back. They’ll stop you from doing the things that you need to do in order to grow and improve. Basically, they’ll keep you inside the “inaction” zone, the comfort zone.

Let’s examine these 2 lies in details, analyze them and figure out how we can liberate ourselves from them.

1. Pain:

I’m talking about emotional pain.

The ugly emotions you feel when you step out of your comfort zone, the feelings of devastation after failing, the feelings that your efforts were in vain, the loss of something (or someone), getting knocked down by life, going through tough times …etc.

We’re going to go through some of these situations at some point in our lives, in a way or another.

In addition to that, every change/growth process requires pain and some discomfort. So, pain is almost unavoidable.

Problems start to happen as soon as the pain starts telling you that it’s going to be here with you forever. That, no matter what you do, you’ll always be in pain.

That’s the lie that pain wants you to believe.

Look, pain is a phase in the growth process and also it’s a fact of life. There’s a certain amount of pain that you have to feel in order to succeed or go to the next level.

As soon as you pay it, this pain will go away and actually become something else (something beautiful usually!).

Now, in the midst of your suffering, it’s very easy to believe that this pain you’re feeling is going to last forever.

It tells you that to give up. After all, it makes a lot of sense that if you stopped doing what you’re doing then the pain will go away. And if you kept going, this pain will always be there with you.

But the fact of the matter is that if you stopped, gave up, then you’re going to feel a relief, but after a while, this pain is going to come back even stronger.

And if you kept pushing through this pain, endured it, felt it, embraced it and fought through it, then this pain would eventually go away and be replaced by something really beautiful and something that’s worth it.

2. Fear:

Fear will tell you that it’s not worth it to go through the situation.

It tells you that it’s not worth it to feel uncomfortable and put yourself out there. That it’s just better to stay where you are.

If you’re afraid of approaching someone and talking to him/her, your mind is kind of telling you that it’s not worth it to go through that situation because it’s going to be too painful.

But that, indeed, is a lie. It does worth it. It worth feeling a bit uncomfortable to get the reward (in this case: improved self-confidence, improved social skills, connections, making friends …etc).

Deep down in your guts you know that you really want to do this, at least you want the benefits (and the results) of doing this thing. However, with your behavior, what you’re saying is that it’s not worth it to do this thing.

Actions speak louder than words. And since you’re not taking the necessary actions, then what you’re saying, and communicating to the world, is that you’re better off without doing that thing you’re afraid of.

Had it been worth it to you, you would have put yourself out there. But because fear has a loud voice, you were unable to listen to anything else.

By not taking actions you’re telling yourself, and the world, that this thing you’re afraid of isn’t worth it, you’ve believed the fear’s lie. Painful to admit, but you have to prove that this thing you want is worth it by taking the risk and doing the thing you’re afraid of doing.

In brief, if you don’t take action because of fear then it means that you’ve believed its lie. Break free from it and realize how it’s going to be worth it and do that thing for your own good.

Note: these 2 con-artists, pain and fear, have their own army that will do its best to screw up your life. This army consists of procrastination, lack of discipline, self-sabotage, hesitation, helplessness and many more ruthless dream-killers.

What To Do?

First, I want you to be aware of these 2 emotions when you experience them. That means being able to tell that you’re in emotional pain or that you’re afraid of doing something.

As we’ve discussed, those two emotions tell you lies. What you need to do is to catch them and face yourself with the truth. When you know the truth, you can’t be lied at[].

Here are the truths that you need to know:

Pain is temporary. Fear is an illusion.

The pain that you’re going through is only a call for action, as soon as you take the necessary actions it will go away.

The pain you’re going through is a price that you have to pay, and you get what you pay for: the higher the price, the better the glory.

Whatever the case is, don’t believe that it’s going to last forever and give up and stop what you want to do.

I’m not here to underestimate your pain, we all have our own share of pain, but I’m just here to remind you that as long as you’re fighting, and not giving up, this pain will not be here with you forever, you’re going to overcome it. Don’t buy into its lies.

And fear, on the other hand, is merely an illusion. Almost 95% of the things we’re afraid of doing aren’t really that scary and aren’t really dangerous.

Yes we feel afraid when we do them. However, they are very rewarding and they enable us to grow and improve on levels we never thought were possible.

Push through the fear, don’t let it convince you that it’s not worth it to put yourself out there. It’s worth it and you’re going to feel that after you actually do these things you’re afraid of.

In conclusion, don’t buy into the lies of pain and fear. Pain is temporary, Fear is an illusion. That makes a nice life motto 🙂

In which situation you found that it’s true that pain won’t last and that fear is only an illusion?

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