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List of Values: What Are your Priorities?

This list will not make a sense to you unless you read the article Values are the backbone of your self-development journey.

In that article we talked about values in-depth, and we defined them as:

Emotional states that your mind wants you to reach and sustain in your life.

Identifying your values is very important, because they’re your own personal map, and aligning your life with them is what going to make you satisfied.

Not understanding your values will result in nothing but pain and inner-conflicts.

To identify your values, it’s suggested that you look into a list of values and try to choose few of them, and then put them in order based on what’s the most important to you.

I looked around the internet and I’ve found some good values lists.

However …

Most of them look at values as things or behaviors, and while that’s true in some situations, still it can’t help you to identify your already existing core values.

The lists I came across are great, but they serve totally different purpose.

Our purpose is to identify your core values, your top priorities in life. To do that, we need a different kind of list.

This list.

Values as Emotional States

This list of values is based on the fact that we  consider values emotional states that we want to have and sustain in our lives.

And based on this, we can say that there are two categories:

  • Moving-toward values.
  • Moving-away-from values.

I’m going to give you a list for each of these categories.

Look at them, examine your life and your behavior, and identify your own values based on these two lists.

Note that I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins school, as he divides values into these two categories, and while many other life coaches don’t do the same (and don’t necessary look at values as emotional states), still I believe that this classification can explain many hidden behavior or inner-conflicts than the other classifications.

The Moving-Toward Values:

  •  Love/Connection.
  • Accomplishment.
  • Adventure/Thrill.
  • Certainty/Security.
  • Freedom.
  • Health.
  • Growth.
  • Significance (want to feel like a super star).
  • Respect.
  • Comfort.

The Moving-Away-From Values:

  • Rejection.
  • Uncertainty.
  • Emptiness.
  • Humiliation.
  • Loneliness.
  • Frustration.
  • Guilt.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Failure.
  • Anger.

Examine those two lists, and set down and put them in order. What are the feelings that you want to feel the most? And what are the feelings that you’ll avoid the most?

Get your list, experiment with it and tweak things a little bit. Identifying values isn’t an easy process, it takes time and effort but it’s 100% doable. At least you can get a general idea about what direction you need to choose.

And always listen to your guts!

Last but not least, give the article about the values a read, a second read if you’ve already read it:

Values are the backbone of your self-development journey

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