Develop a Charming Personality: The Definitive Guide

Developing A Charming Personality

Note: Make sure that read the article about the Difference Between Character and Personality, and also make sure you check the Definitive Guide to Develop a Solid Character.

A charming personality is a powerful tool that help you a lot in your life.

People love charismatic and charming people, not only you can get more people to listen to you, but also you can attract more people to your life, business or vision.

Think about it, if you have many good traits inside of you, but you don’t have enough charisma to communicate that to people, you will miss a lot of chances and opportunists.

And while I’m not a big fan of building “personality traits” like charisma and neglecting the most important traits, the character traits as we discussed in this article, still personality is important and it can make a lot of difference in your life.

Personality is like the tip of the iceberg, the part above the water, it’s only about 20% of the iceberg, and character is what’s beneath, people can’t see it, but it’s essential and very important.

We won’t talk about what’s more important because we already did in this article.

We’ve also talked about developing character in another post right here, if you didn’t check it out, it’s a must read.

In this article we want to learn how to be charming and charismatic, how to develop these personality traits that will enable us to communicate and express ourselves more effectively.

And just like the other article about character, I wouldn’t call this a definite guide unless you don’t feel the need to look somewhere else.

So, let’s get started by showing you how this article can help you out, what’s in this article for you?

Table of Content: What You Will Find in This Article

Generally, you’re going to find resources that will help you to develop a charming and magnetic personality.

That means if you struggle with problems like shyness or social anxiety, then this article will help you out, and even if your social skills are OK, but you want more, you will find what you’re looking for.

Here’s exactly what we will discuss:

  • Body language and how to master it.
  • Boosting self-confidence.
  • Getting over shyness and social anxiety.
  • Making first impressions.
  • Charisma.
  • Approaching people.
  • Conversation tips (from small talks to deep conversations).
  • Real life examples.

Body Language and How To Master it

You already know that your body language can say a lot about you without you even open your mouth, so it makes sense to learn about it, not only to show people what you want to show them, but also to understand other people without them saying a word.

Boosting Self-Confidence

Building social skills can boost your self confidence, that’s a fact. But we know that self-confidence depends on many aspect and not only social skills, and if it’s low we won’t be able to communicate very well with people

Getting over shyness and social anxiety

Shyness and social anxiety stop people from going out there and socialize, I guess that’s the #1 reason (the only one sometimes!) why people have missed up social life, they’re held back by shyness and social anxiety, here’s how to deal with that:

Making First Impressions

They say you only have about 10 seconds to make an impression, so it’s a good idea to learn how to make a good one, here’s how:


We all love charismatic people, they have the ability to draw us in and make us not only trust them, but also admire them, here’s how to become charismatic yourself:

Approaching People

Yes you can’t develop that charming personality while talking to walls! you have to talk to people, that means talking to people more, approaching strangers and making new friends, that will build up your confidence and make you more comfortable around people.

Conversation Tips (from small talks to deep conversations)

Putting yourself out there and approaching someone is the first step, but if you don’t know what to say and how to run a conversation, things may get a little bit weird, and you even may avoid approaching people all together because you don’t know what to say, here’s how to become a great conversational:

Real Life Examples

Last but not least, take a look at these few example of real people who were able to become more social, and people who were able to do some crazy things that requires a lot of courage:

Note: doing these crazy things will not only help you with social skills and the personality stuffs, it can go deeper and make you build your character because you’re pushing through pain and trying to make yourself better.

How To Put This Into Action?

Now to get the most out of this article, you need to put it into action, here’s how:

First of all, you need to learn few stuffs, so go a head and read through the resources I mentioned above, I’m sure that all the articles/video in this article can help you out even a little bit.

So, take your time, read and learn …

After that what I want you to do is the next:

Decide that you will go out daily, or at least 3 days per week. you go out and you put your new knowledge into action.


You approach people, strangers more specifically, you set a number of strangers to approach each day and you stick to that for a whole month, applying all the tips you can see here.

For example you can say :”I’ll go out three days per week, Friday Saturday and Sunday, and I will approach 3 Strangers each day”

And you don’t have to Start getting numbers from the first day, maybe just start the first week by asking 3 strangers for directions, as simple as that, and you build up from there.

This is going to do wonders to your self-confidence and social skills on the long-run, and eventually you can have that charming personality that people like, after all it’s all about practice and putting in some effort.



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